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We Make Brands

Big. Zealful. Epic. Legendary.

Bzel is a full-service, multidisciplinary brand consulting agency that specializes in luxury residential, hospitality, corporate real estate, student living, and retirement property.

As a highly specialized agency, we challenge traditional brand strategies and conventional marketing by leveraging our expertise in architecture, industrial design, urban planning, infrastructure, fashion, and high culture to create unique and memorable brands.

Our services include: positioning, brand identity, communications strategy, graphics, environmental design, websites, digital experiences, sound and motion, branded sales, and leasing experiences.

In short, we design and create brands that people believe in.


Brand Strategy

Bzel's collaborative kickoff with our client team established the foundation for our approach. We create strategic frameworks that are flexible and adaptable, while simultaneously exploring creative execution. This helps us to deliver meaningful experiences that foster emotional and unique customer connections.

Communications Strategy

We assist our clients in navigating the complexity of integrating storytelling, digital ecosystems, and physical spaces to establish relationships between brands and customers in their projects.

Visual Identity

We have a dedicated practice for developing brand strategies and identities, covering everything from naming and logo design to voice definition, brand guidelines (both physical and digital), and enablement platforms. This helps to increase consistency standards and speed-to-market.

Web & Digital Design Experience

In today's complex digital market, finding a web design agency is easy, but finding one that follows a vertically integrated approach to web design and branding services is harder. We create purposeful websites, using simplicity and design affinity to effectively enhance and deliver our clients' brand strategies.

Film, TV & Media

Lifestyle branding films, architectural interviews, powerful brand campaigns, and photography play a crucial role in shaping a brand's visual identity. Our in-house team, managed by the creative team, handles everything from storyboarding to media production and editing, using world-class filmmakers to develop all assets and bring the brand story to life for your project.

Brand Research & Measurement

Having a strong brand can increase business value and protect against economic, competitive, and reputational risks, from balance sheet assets to driving future customer loyalty. We offer research and measurement expertise to help you understand the current and potential brand value of your project. This is especially important during strategic changes, such as asset acquisition, divestiture, and portfolio management, as well as determining marketing investment and return levels.

Print & Art Direction

As your project takes shape, we conceptualize and develop printed collateral in partnership with premier print houses, extending the brand into tangible materials. Our creative and design team works diligently to ensure that the final experience is visually consistent and memorable.


Every project requires a distinct tone, voice, and communication language. Through copywriting, we craft a message that captures the project's unique qualities, using a style and voice that aligns with the brand elements across all deliverables.

3D Renderings & Animations

3D renderings, animated content, and interactive buildings can effectively convey the highest level of emotion and detail about a project. Our 3D studio stands out for its attention to detail, realism, and storytelling. We collaborate with our clients' marketing teams to create renderings that truly capture the essence of the project's brand and lifestyle.

Virtual 2D & 3D Tours

We develop virtual environments in-house, enabling us to create close-to-photorealistic project walk-throughs that can be accessed through various devices.

Sales & Leasing Center Design Experience

Our firm has been consulted by hundreds of elite real estate clients to design and construct striking, impressive sales and leasing centers from the ground up across the nation.

Interior Design Branded Environments

We create innovative physical brand environments for iconic real estate projects. By utilizing architecture, design, and manufacturing expertise, we bring brands to life through the built environment.

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Bzel Headquarters


New York City (Main Office)

100 Wall St. Suite 1601
New York, NY 10005
T. +1-212-287-5066

Bzel Headquarters


New York City (Main Office)

100 Wall St. Suite 1601
New York, NY 10005
T. +1-212-287-5066


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